We offer eclectic massage focusing on eliminating metabolic waste from the tissue spaces to assist with healing and detoxification. Each massage is different with a mix of Swedish strokes, deep tissue and pressure point therapy based on the needs of the client and the intuition and knowledge of the practitioner.


Energy Healing Release, Repair, Rebalance

Chakra clearing and rebalancing-  1-hour 

With Emotion Code/Body Code Technique

Heartwall clearing

Spirit break recovery and re-connection

Releasing trauma energy

Releasing imbalances related to physical ailments

*This  technique is guided by client’s preference of hands over or laying hands on technique



Reiki is a Japanese word describing a universal life force and can be translated into Western science as bioenergy. The healing practice is a technique where the practitioner uses mindful, gentle touch on energy points around the body to allow for the natural rest and recovery response to engage. It is a deeply restful practice where the recipient remains fully clothed, usually covered by a blanket, and lying face up or down on a massage table. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion or belief system and is solely a tool for tuning in to your body’s individual healing needs. 

Reiki has become a clinically accepted treatment and is found in hospitals such as Johns Hopkins, The Cleveland Clinic and Harvard University as a complementary therapy for high blood pressure, pain management, cardiothoracic surgery recovery and cancer treatment. It has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, stress and loneliness while improving sleep patterns, immune system functioning and overall sense of well-being. The effects of mindful touch as an antidote to our fast-paced and, at times, isolating culture are well documented in evidence-based research and clinical trials. Reiki is not a cure-all for these ailments, but a source of relief and inner guidance toward a more sustainably restful lifestyle.



Don, Mike, Margaret, and Lisa Margaret accept online booking through mindbody - All other therapist are by appointment only! Prebook yours today by calling 716-763-7665

24 Hour cancellation policy: If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, we require a 24 hours courtesy notice.
Gift certificates may be forfeited for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. 

Gift Certificates can be purchased for massage or yoga via mindbody OR we offer a self serve station at our physical location during office/ class hours. 

Office hours vary daily, so please call or email us and we can let you know our availability. 
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